Clothing Items And Accessories That Shout Self-Confidence

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Introduction: What Is The Definition Of Self-Confidence?

Self-confidence is a belief in one’s ability to succeed or achieve a goal whether it be short or long-term. This might be something ambitious or something personal such as fighting anxiety and stepping outside of your comfort zone.

Belief in one’s own abilities and self-worth is very important to your well-being and a positive mindset. Everyone is unique and a natural-born winner in their own right! Sometimes we all need a confidence boost and one of the most effective ways is to head towards fashion.

Let’s take a look at why fashion has become such a key part of people’s confidence levels and how you can join in.

How Does Clothing Contribute To Self-Confidence?

For every social and business event, there’s an outfit suitable for the occasion. Clothing is a powerful tool for self-expression. It can help you feel more confident at social events, business events, and more.

There are many different types of clothing that you can wear to suit different occasions. For example, for women, if you need to look professional at work or a business event, you might choose to wear a dress suit or a blazer with slacks.

For men, you might feel confident in casual trousers and a shirt or maybe a tailored suit is what makes you feel professional and respected by others. This is purely down to personal preference and experimenting with what feels right for you. It can help you adapt to different scenarios without realising it.

If you are going out with friends at the weekend, you might want to wear jeans and a t-shirt if you’re socialising in a relaxed environment.

Clothes can help relieve anxiety by making you feel good about yourself. The way we present ourselves in public is important because it impacts how others perceive us – which in turn impacts how we see ourselves.

Our modern era is far more socially accepting of people’s lifestyles and fashion choices. Choosing a different colour top could be a great starting point if you’re wanting to gradually introduce something different to your wardrobe.

Choosing The Right Colours For Your Outfit

The go-to colour for men and women is Blue. Understandably it’s complimentary to lots of occasions and generally works well with other colours when combined to create the finished look.

If you rarely wear blue clothing then this could be a great starting point. If your personal goals are favoured towards fitting in, then you certainly can’t go wrong experimenting with the likes of Navy, Royal and Sapphire shades of blue.

Blue symbolises open space, freedom, imagination and inspiration.

Other examples of popular clothing colours are:

  • Black – Power, mystery and professionalism
  • Grey – Practicality, neutral and quiet
  • Green – Success, hope and healing
  • White – Cleanliness, purity and innocence

On the other end of the spectrum, vibrant colours have taken the fashion industry by storm with lavish shades of:

  • Buttermilk Yellows – Optimism, youthfulness and happiness
  • Zesty Lime Greens – Prosperity, progression and freshness
  • Fuchsia Pinks – Affection, approachability and inner-peace
  • Chocolate Browns – Security, resilience and safety

If your objective is to make a statement and really stand out then choosing an outfit in one of these tones will certainly help you accomplish just that.

A splash of colour
A splash of colour

Men’s Clothing Inspiration

Jackets And Coats

There are many different types of jackets and coats for men to choose from. The first thing to consider is the occasion and consider stepping outside of your comfort zone.

  • Sports Jackets – Patterned styles that can be worn at sporting events and also for business if desired. They work well with trousers of a different style/material
  • Trench Coats – Popular for business professionals looking to achieve a polished yet casual look when networking or out on the road
  • Blazers – If professionalism is the objective then you can’t go wrong with a quality blazer. Solid in colour rather than patterned like a sports jacket
  • Pilot & Bomber Jackets – Ideal for many social occasions and also lovely and warm!

T-Shirts And Jumpers

T-shirts are a staple in every man’s wardrobe. They are versatile, easy to combine with other clothes and they’re also a great way to show off your personality with different prints and colours.

  • Polo Shirts – Casual yet smart when worn with jeans and white leather tennis shoes
  • Crew Neck – Simple, clean-cut and a go-to favourite for leisurely events and occasions
  • V-Neck Shirts – Great for making your neck look thinner if you’re carrying extra weight or of a bulky build
  • Henley – A cross between a polo and crew neck t-shirt without the collar. Something a little different without being over the top when socialising with friends and family
  • Zip Neck Sweaters – Warm, slimming and boasts casual confidence
  • Crew Neck Jumpers – Clean-cut and suitable for social and business when you’re in a rush to put an outfit together
  • V-Neck Jumpers – Paired with a shirt and often worn with a tie, this look can make you look and feel sophisticated yet casual in your environment

Shorts And Trousers

Trousers and shorts for men are a great way to show off your personality. You can find a style that suits you and your mood, whether you want something bright and light or something more formal or casual.

The most important thing to think about when buying trousers is the length of the leg. If you are looking for something innovative, go for slim-fit trousers with long legs. If you want something more casual then go for looser-fit trousers with shorter legs.

  • Shorts – Slim-fit denim and tailored are amongst the most popular choice. Light blue, camel and light grey are good options if you’re looking to build a clean and confident outfit
  • Swim Shorts – A chance to go wild with a splash of colour. Emphasises your fun side and makes you feel more approachable to others when at the pool or beach
  • Trousers – Similarly with shorts, choosing solid colours with smart trousers brings out the inner professional. If you’re choosing denim, then a light blue and stained combination work well with most outfits
  • Joggers – Slim tapered-leg joggers are becoming quite popular as they’re not as baggy as traditional jogging bottoms. Navy blue works well with light-coloured trainers if you’re wanting casual inspiration and to try something new

Shoes And Sneakers

For men, the shoes they wear can make a statement about their personality. It is therefore important to choose them wisely and make sure the colour combination with your top and bottom work to create the subliminal message you’re looking to give off.

Black and Brown leather is a proven formula for smarter shoes, whereas suede with a touch of colour is better for smarter social environments when paired with jeans and a smart shirt.

Sneakers are also becoming an increasingly popular choice for fashion in modern men. They are easy to combine with any outfit, and they give you that extra bit of confidence that you’re relaxed with positive energy.

There is a wide variety of sneakers and shoes for men nowadays, from classic styles to more daring designs. You can find the perfect pair for you, no matter your style or personality type.

If you’re stuck on colour options, choose white. It’s neutral and won’t clash with 90% of other garments.


Fashion accessories can be the finishing touch to any outfit. They can be used to break up a monotonous outfit or they can be used to accentuate an outfit that needs some sprucing up.

Watches – A watch is a great accessory for any man’s wardrobe, whether it is gold or silver, analogue or digital, round or square. It will instantly add a touch of class and sophistication to your look.

Hats – Hats are not just for the winter season! They are great for any time of year and they show off your personality with the different types you wear.

Belts – A belt can dress up an outfit and make it more formal or professional. It also adds dimension and shape to your waistline.

Jewellery – Jewellery is another way of adding some style and flair to your look without having to go all out. If you like wearing jewellery or you’re married then you’ll be used to wearing a ring which symbolises dedication and loyalty—a subtle yet noticeable addition to any outfit choice.

Women’s Clothing Inspiration

Jackets And Coats

In colder weather, you’re going to be looking for a coat that speaks volumes and compliments the rest of your outfit. Consider some of these options when you’re planning your next outfit to boost your confidence.

  • Blazers – The most popular and versatile type of jacket. They are perfect for work, social, or a night out. A vibrant colour choice is often acknowledged by others that you are outgoing with positive energy
  • Coats – The more formal choice. They come in many different lengths and styles. You can find coats with a hood, fur trimming, or even an attached scarf for something unique
  • Parkas – Designed to keep you warm during the winter months. These coats usually have an attached hood and long sleeves that provide a warming and cosy feel
  • Duster Jackets – A less formal option than a traditional coat because they don’t have to be worn with a specific outfit and they are ideal for work and play!

Shirts, Jumpers And Blouses

Women have become more confident in their style choices and this has led to a rise in the demand for bright, colourful and patterned tops. Women’s fashion is now more experimental and daring than ever before, with many women opting for statement pieces that are not afraid to make an impression so you shouldn’t worry about joining in!

  • Shirts – Classy, comfortable and perfect for work. Favourable amongst mature women to add a level of sophistication and intelligence to your workwear
  • Jumpers – Versatile and warm. Whether you choose a hoody for casual and loungewear or a V-Neck paired with a shirt, you’re sure to feel good about yourself in any environment
  • Blouse – Lightweight, airy and speaks volumes. This a great opportunity to add colour, patterns or solid colours to your wardrobe. Can be worn at work or at social events where the dress code is smart

Skirts, Trousers And Shorts

The lower half is just as important as your upper. Consider some of these options when pairing a top and shoes, also.

  • Midi Skirts – The perfect choice for any occasion. They are available in a variety of colours and they can be styled with different tops to suit any event or occasion
  • Trousers – A great alternative to skirts if you want to feel more comfortable or if you prefer a more casual look. Choose from a stylish pair of Jeans or maybe a pair of palazzo pants which are very comfortable and airy
  • Shorts – An excellent summer choice because they keep your legs cool on hot days but also offer a fun vibe that makes them perfect for festivals too!

Shoes And Sneakers

Women’s shoes and sneakers are not just fashion accessories. They can be a powerful tool to help you feel confident and comfortable. Women deserve shoes that allow them to express their personality, while also giving them the opportunity to be themselves.

Shoes should be comfortable, but also stylish. They should not only look good, but they should also feel good on your feet all day long. Remember, comfort should never be compromised just for the sake of looks. If you feel uncomfortable, your mindset will follow suit.

Sneakers are perfect for those who want to look sporty or casual with their outfit, but still want to show off their personality with colourful laces or patterns. Once frowned upon when worn on a night out, the tables have turned and are now considered a great option when chosen carefully.

If you only tend to wear trainers or sneakers, why not consider something more formal paired with an alternative outfit choice? Trialling different outfits is extremely fun and helps build up confidence.

On the flip side, if you only tend to wear formal shoes, why not try wearing trainers or sneakers? Other than a pair of slippers, you’ll struggle to find anything comfier! They are fun and unique to you, which helps symbolise independence.


So what should you add to your outfit for that finished look? Well, here are some accessories that will help you feel like a million bucks!

Watches – There are so many different types of watches available and they can be used to make a statement with any outfit. If you want to go for the classic look, diamond watches are the way to go if the funds allow them. Alternatively, a timepiece in rose gold or a thin leather strap is a good choice.

If you want something more modern, go for something like an oversized watch with a chunky leather strap. This is perfect if you’re going for that edgy look or if you want to break up the forearm area with your outfit.

Hats – Hats are always an easy way of adding personality or style to an outfit and they come in all shapes and sizes from fedoras and berets to baseball caps and bucket hats.

Belts – A girl’s best friend with a multitude of options on the market. A large buckle and thin strap are a great way to compliment a mixed-colour outfit. You may have light trousers paired with a dark top so adding a black or brown belt with a gold buckle for example would be a complimentary addition adding a bit of sass.

Jewellery – Earrings, Bracelets and Rings do wonders for a lady’s confidence. The little details go a long way. A twinkle of a diamond or a shimmer of platinum or white gold can be worn in relation to any outfit.

5 Common Clothing Mistakes

1. Wearing clothes that don’t fit

2. Wearing clothes that are too tight

3. Wearing clothes that are too loose

4. Wearing clothes with a bad colour combination

5. Not wearing the right type of clothing for the occasion

How To Dress When You Haven’t Planned Ahead

We’ve all been there. Even boys face the same challenges as women do. Jeans are one of the most versatile clothing accessories when you are struggling to dress for the occasion. You can usually get away with wearing them un-ironed too which is a blessing in itself when you’re strapped for time.

If you’re just heading out for food with family and friends to somewhere casual, for example, jeans, sneakers and a jumper is a good option for both men and women.

In warmer months this could be tailored shorts and t-shirt combo, instead. If it’s a dressed-up occasion then a wrap or pouf dress is an excellent choice for women as they’re a single-piece design and forgiving with creases. Worn with a complimentary pair of shoes or heels, you’re on to a winner in no time.

For men, a smart patterned shirt paired with skinny jeans is a reliable option. A good pair of suede desert boots in grey or brown often go well with lots of outfits so it’s wise keeping a pair handy, chaps!


An often overlooked area to build up confidence and well-being is clothing. Experimenting with different outfits and colours is a great way to introduce a new side of you when you fancy a change or need to start fighting anxiety.

Clothing has a lot to do with the way we feel. When you are wearing something that makes you feel good and confident, it is easier to think positively and be outgoing.

Clothes can help us build confidence in many ways. For example, if someone is feeling down or not themselves, they can wear something that will make them smile or laugh. It’s all about what clothes make you feel strong-minded with positive energy. There’s no set formula, just get creative and try a couple of suggestions in this article to help you along the way.

Outfits are a great conversation starter for those who struggle to engage with new people. Whether you are socialising or taking part in business activities, the logic works the same.

Give it a try and mix things up a little. You’ll feel good about yourself for trying something new.

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