Uplifting Bath, Body & Shower Oil, 100ml


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This oil was designed to pick you up on days that aren’t going your way. The combination of spearmint, coriander and lemon essential oils literally boost your soul and make you feel on top of the world. This oil can be used in so many different ways. It is relaxing when used in the bath and leaves your skin feeling soft and supple, and your senses the same, perfect just before bed. You might prefer to use it as a body oil – it locks in moisture and makes your skin feel as soft as a baby’s bottom. A favourite way to use it though is in the shower as a time-saver, you just apply it directly to your skin and then jump out of the shower – your skin will have soaked it up and it will smell amazing. The basis of this oil was that it’s a massage oil but no one wants to buy a ‘massage oil’ (not sure why but it makes you think of something seedy!) so that’s why it’s got the longest name in our collection. Multi-use oil that refreshes uplifts With essential oils of lemongrass,