Smoky Nude Couple | 2 Pairs


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The tights you wear when (*wink*) you want it to look like you’re not wearing tights. 20 denier, nude tights that are sheer whilst durable and run-resistant. Seamless, so you won’t have marks showing through your clothes, sag-free so you’ll feel….nicely nude.. A love note on ladder-resistance:. While our tights are crafted using the best technology and yarns – they can’t always defeat zippers, dog handshakes or fierce jewellery. They’re durable – not unbreakable, so treat them with care and they’ll love you longer.Available in two waistband options, both shaping, both great choices:Low shaping waistband: 9cm / 3.5 inches. High shaping waistband: 15cm / 6 inchesNeed help choosing your colour? See the colour guide here.