Shark STYLE iQ Diffuser



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Brand New Shark STYLE iQ Diffuser Part No. 4151FC100EUK from Shark UK. Comes complete with a 5-year manufacturer warranty.

Shark stands as the preeminent vacuum cleaner brand in the United Kingdom*. Its unwavering commitment revolves around the development of top-tier household items. These encompass an extensive array, ranging from corded, cordless, and handheld vacuum cleaners to steam mops, air purifiers, hair dryers, and more.

“Innovations that forge a meaningful impact – It fills us with pride to receive accolades and commendations for specific Shark creations”

Its product portfolio evolves with a singular focus – your home, not sterile laboratories. These accolades come after rigorous consumer testing in authentic home environments. Such a stringent process ensures that its groundbreaking technologies not only surmount real-life challenges but also deliver unparalleled performance, leaving you with a dependable solution that genuinely changes your daily existence.