Reusable Bamboo Hair Wrap Towel


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Dry your hair the eco-friendly way with this handy hair towel that’s soft, machine-washable and made with environmentally friendly bamboo. Perfect for all hair types, the super-absorbent hair wrap towel soaks up water from your hair to cut down on drying time and, with no rubbing needed, it keeps frizz to a minimum too.  * Made with soft renewable bamboo * Machine washable at 30 degrees * Stays securely in place  * Easy to pack for travel or the gym * Made in Cornwall, UK   The hair wrap is easy to use – simply twist your wet hair into the towel and secure with the wooden button. Bamboo towelling is made using bamboo grass pulp. As one of the fastest growing plants on the planet, bamboo is an environmentally sustainable and renewable alternative to cotton. For other great hair products, check out Bower’s range of natural and sustainable hair care products, ( including Bower’s Beach Coconut Shampoo