QTX LED Ultraviolet Bar 30W Ultraviolet Black


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This integrated LED UV Ultraviolet bar is an easy way to augment your lighting installation or light show.Its sturdy construction is much less fragile than tubes or light bulbs, perfect for mobile DJ’s etc. Easy installation, just plug and play and a low 30W power consumption makes it ideal for use in the home for parties, on stage or in pubs and clubs.Other applications include sensory rooms to highlight “Glow in the dark” paint effects. Glow cosmetics, science projects, photography, puppetry effects and invisible ink or commercial applications.There are a few differences between LED and traditional Fluorescent Blacklight blue that may affect your choice. Typically Fluorescent wavelength is a 365-400 nm range, LED range is 385-410 nm. LEDs remain cool whereas fluorescents can become very warm and also contain very small amounts of mercury. Overall LEDs are more efficient but are more expensive to purchase initially.Ultraviolet wavelength 410 nm. Creates a Blacklight effect. Plug and Play.