Purina Adventuros Boar Nuggets 90g

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Made for dogs with a nose for adventure, Purina Adventuros Boar Nuggets dog treats are packed with an exciting Boar flavour that is just waiting to be unleashed. Made for dogs with a nose for adventure, PURINA® AdVENTuROS™ dog treats are packed with exciting flavours just waiting to be unleashed. Purina® AdVENTuROS® Nuggets are a complementary food for adult dogs, low in fat with delicious boar wild flavour which make great little treats for your explorer, whether you’re relaxing at home or adventuring in the great outdoors. Purina® AdVENTuROS® comes in a resealable bag, helping to keep them fresh. Delicious boar wild flavour nuggets for dogs with a natural sense of adventure! A tasty treat for adult dogs Low in Fat With a resealable zip to help keep the freshness in No Added Artificial Colourants   Ingredients Cereals, Glycerol, Meat and Animal Derivatives (8%)*, Various Sugars, Vegetable Protein Extracts, Derivatives of Vegetable Origin, Minerals, Oils and Fats, *Equivalent to 24% Rehydrated Meat and Animal Derivatives, with minimum 14% Poultry