Phoebe LED Galanos Arteson 600×600 Backlit LED Ceiling Panel Warm White


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The new Phoebe LED Galanos Arteson 600mm x 600mm backlit LED panel lights are a direct replacement for fluorescent modular fittings, which are commonly found in offices, schools and other workplaces.This 40W LED panel light emits 3200 lumens of warm white light (3000K), with a wide 110 beam angle to illuminate rooms and corridors as efficiently as possible. Its long 30,000-hour maintenance-free life means that once the LED panel light is installed, it will be years before it needs replacing again. The panels have a tough yet lightweight white powder coated aluminium frame, designed to match white ceiling grids perfectly.The Phoebe LED Gananos Atreson LED panel light can be installed in 3 easy ways;1) In a suspended ceiling you can simply remove a 600×600 ceiling tile, or existing built-in fluorescent fixture, and replace with an LED panel light. This square LED ceiling panel light (actual size 595mm x 595mm x 30mm) is the most common size of LED panel light for installation in suspended ceilings.2) With a mounting frame, it is possible to mount the LED panel on a flat surface, both against a ceiling and against a wall. Mounting frames are sold separately.3) Using a suspension set. This consists of a kit with cables to hang on the ceiling. This allows you to determine the ideal height of the LED panel. Suspension kits are sold separately.Emergency Pack, which are designed and manufactured specifically for the Phoebe LED Galanos Arteson LED panels, are also available. These provide over 3 hours of maintained light output without the additional expense and inconvenience of separate emergency lighting.Please note, this panel is not suitable for dimming.