Phoebe LED Downlight Fire Rated 8.5W (50W Eqv) Tri-Colour CCT White and Brushed Nickel IP65


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Introducing the Phoebe LED Firesafe All-in-One Integrated LED Downlight, a versatile lighting solution that will revolutionize your indoor space.This all-in-one IP65 fire-rated LED downlight features a front-facing tri-colour selection switch (behind the front bezel) and provides a smooth, dimmable operation. With a 60 beam angle and flicker-free light output, you can enjoy a seamless lighting experience for any room including bathrooms and kitchens.The Phoebe LED downlight comes with two stylish interchangeable bezels in white and brushed nickel effect. The bezels are held in place magnetically and can be simply popped-off and easily changed to match your décor.Additionally, each LED downlight includes a constant current driver for high performance that features a loop-in/loop-out tool-less wiring connector for easy installation.The tri-colour selection switch allows you to change the light colour between 3000K warm white, 4000K cool white, or 6500K daylight colour temperature, making it easy to customise your lighting to suit your mood or occasion.Thanks to DuoDim™ Technology, this product is fully dimmable and compatible with a wide range of leading and trailing edge dimmers.Fire rated downlights are designed to protect against the spread of fire by maintaining the ceiling’s fire resistance. To achieve this, they have a built-in intumescent material that expands when exposed to heat, effectively sealing the hole cut into the ceiling. However, if insulation is placed over the fitting, it can reduce the downlight’s ability to dissipate heat and potentially cause the intumescent material to fail.This is where the in-built insulation guards of the Phoebe LED Firesafe All-in-One Integrated LED Downlight come in. They help maintain an air-pocket around the fitting to allow for heat dissipation, ensuring the downlight’s fire rating is not compromised while allowing you to insulate your ceiling for energy efficiency.The Phoebe LED downlight has a IP rating of IP65, making it suitable for use in bathroom zones 1-2 and other humid conditions. With a 50,000 hour life and 100,000 switching cycles, it is built to last. Its 60 beam angle, 3000K, 4000K, and 6500K tri-colour select colour temperature, and high colour rendering index it is a reliable and versatile lighting solution.This product is part L compliant of UK Building Regulations and BS476 Parts 21 and 22, making it suitable for use in 30 minute 600mm/15mm single layer standard wallboard, 60 minute 600mm/12.5mm twin layer fibreboard, and 90 minute 450mm/15mm twin layer fireboard ceilings.This recessed downlight requires a cut-out dimension with a diameter between 70-72mm.With a power consumption of 8.5W and equivalent to 50W halogen GU10, this Phoebe LED downlight is energy-efficient and cost-effective. It has very low energy consumption and supplies instant start 100% light with no warm-up time.Experience the Phoebe LED Firesafe All-in-One Integrated LED Downlight and elevate your ceiling lights today! With a manufacturers 5-year warranty, you can be assured of its quality and durability.