Phoebe LED Bulkhead 15W Cool White Sensor/Emergency Melana 110° Black IP66


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This surface mounted LED bulkhead features an integrated microwave sensor that allows the light to activate when it detects a presence nearby. it also features an emergency driver that allows the light to operate without mains power for three hours. It’s perfect for offices and hotel corridors, or any commercial or hospitality environment where energy efficiency is a priority. It is also weatherproof, so can be used safely outdoors.The Melana bulkhead features a loop-in loop-out connection terminal for simple installation. Once fitted, it emits a bright 1300 lumens of crisp 4000K cool white light, and its wide 110 beam angle means it can light larger rooms and corridors efficiently.The integrated microwave sensor will trigger the light when a presence is detected nearby, and it will automatically dim to 10% of its full light output after 30 seconds of no detection. This efficiency adds to the natural energy saving qualities of LED lighting to provide real long-term cost benefits. The emergency driver will activate when mains power to the light is cut and will allow it to operate for three hours at 20% of its full brightness.Constructed from durable polycarbonate, the Melana has a smart black finish and opal diffuser that softens the light and reduces glare. Its IP66 rating means it is fully protected from the elements, so it can be used in outdoor spaces like gardens and courtyards (see our guide to IP ratings for more information). Its tough IK10 impact rating means that you can install it in busy areas safe in the knowledge that it will be protected from knocks, while a built-in safety isolating control gear protects the luminaire from short circuits.Please note, this light is not suitable for dimming.15W surface mounted LED bulkheadIntegrated microwave sensor3-hour emergency driverAutomatically dims to 10% when there is no presence nearby35,000 hours average rated life50,000 switching cycles1300 lumensIP66 ratedInstant full light110 beam angleNot suitable for dimming