Phoebe LED 5ft 60W High Output Non Corrosive Emergency Batten Tri-Colour


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The Lykos 5ft high output integrated LED batten light with 3-hour emergency function has been designed as a direct replacement for twin T5 and T8 linear outdoor fluorescent luminaires. Consuming only 60W to provide 6000 lumens, this high output LED non-corrosive fitting is an ultra-energy-efficient choice for industrial environments such as garages, public car parks, workshops and food preparation areas which require tough, weatherproof fittings.This Lykos twin LED batten light comes with a 60W integrated LED strip with a 50,000 hour rate life, meaning it will be years before the fitting will need to be replaced while also removing the need for maintenance, subsequently costs.The tri-proof fitting is constructed from an IK08 impact rated moisture and acid-resistant ABS body with polycarbonate diffuser. With an IP65 rating, it is suitable for indoor and outdoor use making it ideal use in areas where a tough robust led batten light is required. The stainless steel anti-tamper clips mean that this fitting is also vandal proof.Installation is simple thanks to the two loop-through continuous feed terminal blocks (with continuous live feed). This saves an incredible amount of time, especially with projects requiring multiple fittings to be installed, as the loop-in/loop-out terminals make it possible to wire directly from fitting-to-fitting.Another great feature is the colour changing technology (CCT), which allows you to select from warm white, cool white or daylight light outputs. Simply pre-select the colour temperature that you desire before installation.A built-in emergency battery has a discharge time of at least 3 hours, making it ideal in scenarios such as power cuts or other low light scenarios. The supplied battery takes 16 hours to fully charge and has a handy green light indicator to show when the battery is charged. An integrated “self-test” button provides the ability to test the emergency mode.The Phoebe Lykos LED batten light fitting is suitable for conduit, surface, or suspension mounting.