Lyyt-Connect 1.2m 102 Multi-Coloured LED Connectable Outdoor Curtain Lights


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Create a stunning statement lighting display with these Lyyt-Connect LED indoor or outdoor fairy curtain lights. A total of 50 sets of lights can be connected, allowing you to create a continuous 60m span of curtain lights. Use them in conjunction with the compatible Lyyt-Connect accessories to create stunning outdoor Christmas light displays year after year.What’s more, you can mix these multi-coloured LED curtain lights with warm white and cool white sets to create truly unique displays.Each set consists of 6 x 1.8m drops with 17 individual multi-coloured LED lights per drop, making a total of 102 LEDs per curtain.Designed for outdoor use, they are constructed from heavy duty UV resistant black rubber cable, these IP44 rated lights are fully weatherproof for the winter months.The long life, energy efficient LEDs are fitted with concave heads for consistent and uniform brightness at all angles, producing cool white light – ideal for creating stunning illuminated backdrops for the festive season, special events and atmospheric evenings all year round.The total length of the curtain lights is 3.2 metres. The curtain lights measure 1.2 metres in length with 2 metres between the mains plug and the connector.These outdoor Christmas curtain lights come supplied in a sturdy plastic tub, which means that storing them is simple when the lights are not in use. Please note that even though the curtain light itself is suitable for outdoor use, the plug/transformer must be housed indoors or in a suitable IP65 rated socket in order for it to be used outside safely.