Laundry Liquid Refill Pouch, Fresh Linen | 1L | Eco Friendly, Vegan & 100% Natural |


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Bower’s eco-friendly non-bio Laundry Liquid Refill leaves your washing with the clean, crisp scent of fresh linen drying in the breeze. This product works hard to clean clothes gently and effectively with no harsh chemicals, only 100% naturally derived ingredients. Whether you’re washing clothes by hand or in the machine, there are up to 30 washes in every refill pack to top up your Bower Reusable PET Laundry Bottles ( * 100% naturally derived * Fragranced with essential oils * No nasties! * No SLS & parabens * Vegan & cruelty free * Made in the UK * Works at low temperatures * Suitable for hand washing * Suitable for grey water & septic tanks Use your Fresh Linen Laundry Liquid with Bower’s Fresh Linen Fabric Conditioner Refill ( for beautifully clean clothes, the natural way. Origin: