Imperial Leather Energising Foamburst Bergamot and Sea Minerals 200ml



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Imperial Leather Energising foam burst Bergamot and Sea minerals with Foamburst technology burst into a rich, creamy, voluptuous lather that glides across your skin like silk. This energising foam burst breathes strength, power and heritage. Sensual, audacious and contemporary. A combination of tantalising fresh and fruity scents rounded off with a woody base of oakmoss, cedarwood and ambergris envelop the skin in a luxurious fragrant lather, leaving you and your skin feeling energised and delicately cared for. This Energising Bergamot and sea minerals luxurious shower glides across your skin like silk with the creamiest lather enriched with the signature oil blend for a touch of extravagance and timeless quality. This moisturising body wash will leave your skin feeling effortlessly soft, cleansed and moisturised and is great for shaving too! Designed for Extended Use: Every bottle of this Moisturising shower gel will give you up to 40 intensely rich showers. Avoid eye contact Рirritating to the eyes. If this occurs, immediately rinse the affected area with clean water and seek medical attention. Size: 200ml.