Guppyfriend Washing Bag*


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The washing companion your tights are pining for. Washing synthetic materials constitutes for almost 35% of the microplastics (non-biodegradable plastics) released into the environment each year – think 50 billion plastic bottles. The Guppyfriend washing bag stops these fibres from entering our rivers and oceans and prevents your clothes from losing them, so they last longer too. You can find more details on this topic here.. Machine washable at 30 degrees. Once a visible cluster of microfibres form on the bag, scrape them off. Microfibres collected must be thrown in the trash and sent to landfill – not an ideal option, but it’s much better than them going into the waterways. Wash less. Wash smarter. 100% untreated polyester (PET).  Size: 50 x 74cm / 19.7” x 29.1”