Fabric Conditioner Refill Pouch, Fresh Linen | 1L | Eco Friendly, Vegan & 100% Natural |


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Bower’s new non-bio fabric conditioner leaves your washing with the clean, crisp scent of fresh linen drying in the breeze. This product keeps clothes beautifully soft and static-free the eco-friendly way, with 100% naturally derived ingredients. It also contains essential oils and no nasties for subtly fragranced clothes with a clean green scent. * 100% naturally derived * Fragranced with essential oils * No nasties * No SLS * No parabens * Vegan & cruelty free * Made in the UK * Leaves clothes static free * Suitable for grey water & septic tanks Packaged with minimal household waste in mind, you can say goodbye to single-use laundry liquid bottles in your home and join the refill revolution with our easy-to-use refill pouches. Simply top up one of our Reusable PET Laundry Bottles (, and you’re good to go! Use your Fresh Linen Fabric Conditioner Refill with Bower’s