Enamel Toilet Brush Holder & Plastic-Free Toilet Brush


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Keep your loo squeaky clean and your bathroom free of plastic clutter with this stylish enamel brush holder and plastic-free beechwood toilet brush. The brush’s eco-friendly plant-based bristles and wooden handle are smart and sturdy, while the enamel steel holder is hygienic, easy to clean and looks great too. This plastic-free toilet brush is made from sustainable vegan materials. Origin: Holder – Hungary; Brush – Germany Size: Holder – 21cm high x 12cm diameter; Brush – 35cm (approx length) x 8.1cm (width) Materials:  Holder: High-quality enamelled steel. Brush: Union Fibre bristles (Tampico from agave cactus and Palmyra from base of India palm tree leaf stalks). The handle is made from locally grown beechwood