Eco Cloths | 4 pack | Eco Friendly, Compostable, Plastic Free, Natural, Made in UK |


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Tackle everyday cleaning chores the green way and banish needless plastic from your home with Bower Collective’s Reusable Eco Cleaning Cloths 4-pack. Made from biodegradable cellulose, not only are these plastic-free cloths effective at cleaning, but when it’s finally time for a new one, the old one can be added to the compost where it will naturally break down. * Long-lasting and fully compostable * Handy 4-pack * 100% plastic free * Made in the UK There are four in a pack, ideal for use anywhere in your home. Pair with your favourite Bower cleaning products, including Bower’s All-Purpose Grapefruit Sanitising Spray (,  Bower Concentrated Multi-Surface Spray ( and Bower Bathroom Cleaner Refill Spray