Crompton Stick LED Light Bulb B22 7.5W (60W Eqv) Warm White Opal


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This versatile LED stick lamp is designed to serve as a contemporary alternative for any 60W incandescent bulb, whether that be a GLS, candle or golfball (round). Consuming a mere 7.5W of power to produce light of a comparable quality and brightness with an expected lifetime of 15,000 hours – 15 times that of your old-fashioned filament bulbs, thereby reducing replacement and maintenance costs. Combined with the inherently superior efficiency of LED technology, this bulb can ultimately reduce your lighting bill by up to 90%!Such remarkable longevity can be attributed to the more efficient way in which LED bulbs produce their light, running much cooler than incandescent versions and placing less strain on their components. The thermal plastic body encasing this bulb further improves its ability to dissipate heat whilst an opal finish encourages even, softer light diffusion for a more aesthetically pleasing effect. This results in a highly efficient light bulb that looks great, consumes very little energy and lasts far longer than its predecessors.B22d – bayonet capVersatile T37 stick lamp15,000 hour life7,500 switching cyclesOpal finish3000K warm white colour appearance806 lumens60W incandescent equivalentDimensions: Diameter = 37mm, Height = 126mmNot suitable for dimming