Crompton PAR38 Reflector LED Light Bulb E27 13W (120W Eqv) Blue IP65 30°


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This PAR38 LED reflector sports the same toughened glass body, Edison Screw fitment and prismatic lens as the 110W incandescent bulbs it’s designed to replace.Despite a familiar – even traditional – exterior, its LED innards are anything but.Though it produces the same bright, quality light as a 110W filament bulb, this LED reflector uses just 13W.Light is funnelled through the bulb’s prismatic lens which produces a beam angle of 30 and guarantees even, powerful light distribution.PAR38 reflectors are a popular choice for outdoor fixtures, particularly those that highlight specific garden features.As such, this bulb carries an IP65 rating that equips it for use in an array of suitable outdoor fittings.It is also rated to last an impressive 15,000 hours, taking it well beyond the 2,000 hour rated lifetime of comparable incandescent bulbs.This, coupled with the bulb’s minimal energy consumption, can result in an eventual energy saving of up to 90%.Please note that even though the light bulb itself is IP65 rated, it must be used in a suitable IP65 rated socket in order for it to be used outside safely.