Crompton Lamps LED GU10 Bulbs 4.5W (5 Pack) Cool White 35° (50W Eqv)


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A value pack of 5 glass LED GU10 spotlight light bulbs from Compton light bulbs has been designed to make replacing your old halogen GU10s as easy, seamless and affordable as possible.Its full glass body mimics that of a traditional halogen spotlight and deals with the light bulbs comparatively minimal heat output just as capably.A prismatic lens obscures the lamp’s LED components and makes it all but impossible to tell apart from comparable halogen spot light bulbs. It also creates a more focussed beam thats distributed evenly within a 35 beam angle.Under the bonnet though, this is every inch an LED light bulb. It uses up to 90% less energy than a traditional spotlight and lasts upwards of 15,000 hours. It shares the same GU10 fitment and dimensions as halogen spotlight bulbs, so all you have to do to start benefiting from drastically reduced lighting costs right now is screw it into your existing GU10 fitting. It really is that simple.This spotlight lamp is traditionally known as a PAR16 with a GU10 2-pin twist and lock (10mm apart) base.