Crompton Golfball LED Light Bulb E27 4.5W (25W Eqv) Purple IP65 Harlequin


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These purple coloured decorative 4.5W LED golfball filament light bulbs from Crompton Lamps are designed to replace traditional 25W incandescent Harlequin golfball light bulbs. Of course, underneath each light bulb’s immaculately coloured envelope things are entirely different, with modern LED components replacing the tungsten filaments of old.Each coating is applied internally so that it doesn’t fade over time, ensuring that the light bulb produces the same quality of light for the duration of its 15,000 hour nominal lifetime, all while using up to 90% less energy than the light bulbs it is designed to replace.Additionally, each LED golfball light bulb is IP65 rated meaning they are long-lasting and suitable for outdoor use in festoon or garland lighting, alongside a host of other indoor applications such as Christmas lights, or entertainment and hospitality areas.Features a ES-E27 Edison screw (27mm) cap base. Also known as a round light bulb.Please note that even though the light bulb itself is IP65 rated, it must be used in a suitable IP65 rated socket in order for it to be used outside safely.