Crompton GLS LED Light Bulb Dimmable B22 7.5W (60W Eqv) Warm White 10-Pack


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A value pack of 10 fully dimmable 7.5W LED GLS light bulb is part of a wider decorative range that has been developed by Crompton Lamps as a means of replacing traditional incandescent light bulbs.For those of you already lamenting the demise of these incandescent light bulbs – never fear. Their enduring popularity led Crompton to develop this new range of LED equivalents.Each light bulb in the range delivers form and function equally with the same gorgeous, retro styling no longer stymied by the restraints of outdated filament technology.The tungsten filaments found in these older light bulbs have now given way to four LED filaments, resulting in a gorgeous, traditional aesthetic that belies the light bulb’s ultra-modern specification. These filaments, albeit similar in appearance, are much more efficient and robust than their traditional counterparts. Where a traditional light bulb might use approximately 60W to produce 806 lumens, these modern LED GLS light bulbs use just 7.5W. This – coupled with the light bulb’s vastly superior nominal lifetime of 10000 hours – has the potential to reduce lighting bills by up to 90%.The light bulb’s standard GLS shape and BC-B22d bayonet (22mm) cap enable the light bulbs to retrofit directly to any existing fitting designed to accept light bulbs.Dimmable – Compatible with both leading and trailing edge dimmers. Also known as an A60 light bulb.