Crompton GLS LED Light Bulb Dimmable B22 14W (100W Eqv) Warm White 10-Pack


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This bulk-buy value pack of 10x Crompton Lamps 14W fully dimmable LED GLS light bulbs with BC-B22d bayonet (22mm) caps are retrofit replacements for incandescent 100W light bulbs, but have the potential to reduce your home lighting bills and reduce the frequency of needing to replace your light bulbs.LED technology has superior energy efficiency than traditional incandescent or halogen light bulbs which helps you save on your energy bills and helps the environment too.Whereas a traditional light bulb would use 100W to produce 1521lm, this LED version uses just 14W equating to an excellent energy-efficiency of 109lm/W.This high-performance LED light bulb sports a thermal plastic body that is specifically designed to dissipate heat effectively. This reduces the light bulb’s running temperature and places less strain on its components resulting in a longer life span.With a long life of 15,000-hours, this LED GLS light bulb boasts an incredible 8.2-year lifespan if used for 5-hours a day. These light bulbs dont need to be replaced as often which results in less money spent on replacement bulbs, less time spent replacing them, and less old light bulbs going to landfill too.Combine this superior longevity, negligible maintenance and replacement costs with the LED light bulbs notable energy efficiency; then the savings from each light bulb has the potential to reduce your lighting costs by up to 86%.This dimmable LED light bulb features DuoDim™ Technology making it compatible with most leading and trailing edge dimmers.Warm white (2700K) bulbs produce a warm, yellow light which is comparable to traditional incandescent bulbs and are most frequently used to create a relaxed atmosphere. This makes them great in any room in your home, but especially in rooms such as the living room or bedroom where you would like to create a comfy atmosphere.Unlike older other energy-saving technologies, LED bulbs light up instantly, with no waiting time to warm up to full brightness.This LED GLS light bulb will retrofit directly to any existing BC-B22d fixture; whether that be smaller domestic light fittings such as ceiling lights or floor lamps or up to large-scale commercial installations.