Crompton GLS LED Light Bulb B22 9W (60W Eqv) 110V Warm White Opal Yellow


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This LED 110v GLS is designed for use in industrial applications where a full 240v mains voltage is either unavailable or unsuitable for use. It is not designed to run on mains voltage circuits. The bulb serves as a direct, albeit far more efficient retrofit replacement for your existing incandescent light bulbs. It produces light of an equivalent brightness and quality to that of a 60W filament bulb but in reality, only consumes a fractional 9.5W in doing so.Where nearly 90% of an incandescent bulb’s energy is effectively lost as heat, LED technology reverses the ratio by committing 90% of a bulb’s energy to light, with only the remaining 10% lost as heat. The benefits associated with this are extensive, from substantially reduced lighting costs and a minimal environmental impact to improved longevity and cooler operating temperatures. The latter facilitates an LED bulb’s superior rated lifetime by reducing the strain placed on its components and preventing them from burning out. To aid this further, this GLS version is fitted with a lightweight, thermal plastic shell that dissipates heat more effectively than comparable materials.The GLS bulb’s universal shape and cap type options mean it will retrofit to existing installations and start saving you money immediately. B22 – Bayonet CapPower consumption of 9W (Equivalent to 60W)806 lumens15,000 hour lifespan3 Year manufacturer’s warranty2700K – Warm WhiteOpal finish with site safe yellow bodyNot suitable for use on 240V CircuitsSpecial purpose 110V low voltage product.