Crompton G9 Capsule LED Light Bulb 2.5W (25W Eqv) Cool White 5-Pack Opal


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A value pack of 5 LED G9 capsule light bulbs with a diminutive size and versatile shape make it a hugely popular choice for a range of applications in both private and commercial settings.Commonly used in accent lighting, desk lighting, pendant lights and cabinet lighting, the light bulb can be used on its own or in series to create powerful lighting effects or cumulative ambient lighting. This 2.5W LED G9 capsule from Crompton Lamps is designed to directly replace any 25W halogen equivalent. It retrofits to existing fixtures and emits a cool white light that looks just as bright as those its designed to replace. Despite this, it lasts up to 3 times longer and consumes a fraction of the energy, enabling it to yield substantial savings in terms of replacement, maintenance and energy costs. The light bulbs comparable dimensions and frosted finish make it nearly impossible to tell apart from a traditional halogen version, allowing you to rack up a serious energy saving without compromising the consistency of your existing fittings or decor.Fitted with a G9 2-pin (9mm apart) push fit base.