Crompton DET Tubular LED Light Bulb 284mm SCC-S15 6W (40W Eqv) Cool White


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This energy saving double-ended LED tubular lamp is designed to replace the traditional fluorescent lighting commonly found in shaver lights, picture lights and concealed lighting. It offers the same brightness, but uses only a fraction of the power to do so.This 6W tube emits 650 lumens of cool white 4000K light, softened by an opal finish. It is ideal for display and task lighting, and its single contact S15 caps retrofit to existing fixtures, so installing the lamp is simply a case of removing the old tube and fitting this one in its place. Unlike the fluorescent tubes it replaces, this LED tube contains no hazardous materials such as mercury, so it is much safer to handle and dispose of. Its long 15,000 hour life means that once it is installed, it will be years before this tube needs replacing.Please note, this bulb is not suitable for dimming, and is for indoor use only.Double-ended tubular LED DET lampSingle contact S15 caps4000K cool white light650 lumens15,000 hour average rated life284mm lengthNot suitable for dimmingFor indoor use only