Ace Gentle Stain Remover 1l



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Ace Gentle Stain Remover 1l   Preparation and Usage Pre-Treatment = 100ml For difficult stains or persistent odours, pre-treat with Ace In the Washing Machine 1. Add your detergent. 2. Pour 100 ml of Ace directly into the drum, on top of the laundry, for a really clean result. 3. Start the wash immediately. For a delayed start, put Ace in the drum, on top of the laundry, in a dosing ball. Load: 4-5 Kg, Dose: 100 ml Load: 7 Kg+, Dose: 150ml By Hand 1. Add 100 ml of Ace to the usual detergent. 2. Add the laundry and let it soak for 1 hour. 3. Rinse thoroughly. Household Cleaning Diluted Product: add 100 ml of Ace into 1 litre of water. Pure Product: pour Ace directly onto surfaces and wash as usual. For Safe Washing: Do not mix Ace with the detergent in the same ball or drawer. If you have any doubts about colour resistance, try Ace on a hidden part of the item. Do not pre wash. Do not overload the washing machine. If product is accidentally spilled, rinse immediately with water. To avoid damage, “do not pre treat metallic, parts or rust stains, do not allow Ace to dry on the fabric and do not expose it to sunlight. For a better result on blood stains, rinse with cold water and avoid pre-treating with Ace. Ace can also be used on soft furnishings unless they are dry-clean only. Do not use on carpets. Follow the garment washing instructions. Storage Store the bottle in upright position in a dark and cool place.