19miles Long Range 3 Wheel Kids Electric Scooter for 3-12 Boys Girls

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The 3 Wheel Kids Electric Scooter takes everything kids know and love about our scooter. Curved chopper handlebars make a style statement, while delivering extra control for riders who like to move at speed. Wider sporty front wheels not only look impressive, they give even more stability to our three-wheeled friend. With the lean-to-steer design, extra grippy foot plate and adjustable handlebar that have helped our scooter transform the school run and turbocharge weekend adventures.. Max rider weight 40kg/88.2lbs. Rider height 63-86cm(24.8-33.8 inches). Scooter weight 3.7kg/8.2lbs. Rustproof aluminum handlebars and fat sports wheels. 3 wheels, adjustable handlebar, grippy deck, chopper handlebar, wider wheels