The 6 Most Reliable Appliance Brands That Won’t Let You Down – The People’s Choice


Choosing the best appliances for your home or business can be a daunting task. There are so many different types of appliances that it can be difficult to decide which brand is best for you. We’ll talk about the Top 6 brands based on UK sales and reliability ratings to help make the commitment to purchase a little bit easier!

There are a few factors you should keep in mind when choosing the best appliances for your home or business. The first is price. You want to find a balance between cost and quality, so it’s important to consider what level of quality you need for your specific needs before making a purchase.

It seems like a great idea for your wallet to buy the cheapest fridge with the largest capacity or the washing machine that is at the end of production with a limited warranty but it can become expensive should something fail and you have to fix it.

You should think about reliability and how long the appliance may last before needing repairs or replacement parts so it’s wise to do some research beforehand. Thankfully we are here to help cover some of the most reliable appliance brands which have the fewest known faults reported by consumers and technicians across the millions of purchases made every year.

What Makes an Appliance Reliable Compared to Other Brands?

There is no end of manufacturers on the market today supplying washers, dryers, ovens, fridges and dishwashers so the options are near enough endless but under the fancy bodywork is it any good? A simple check of the warranty cover offered by the manufacturer can often indicate whether it will be reliable or not. It is recommended to look for appliances that have a breakdown of:

  • The electrical components cover
  • Non-electrical parts such as hinges, covers and panels
  • Compressor cover (i.e fridges)
  • Extended warranty options
  • Standard warranty cover

For example, most budget appliances will come with a 1-year warranty only which isn’t anything special as you would expect any appliance on sale today to last a lot longer. Mid-range to premium brands generally have the option to register your product within 30-90 days of the purchase to benefit from warranty cover for up to 5 years, plus up to 10 years for closed system component failure such as the compressor found in fridges.

The warranty options available will often indicate how good the components are and therefore give you some reassurance that the product is less likely to fail in the next 5 years depending on how it’s treated throughout its service life. There are some brands that quote 5-year extended warranties but often receive criticism when consumers struggle to claim for repairs and receive pre-written scripts on why their fault isn’t covered.

Samsung Appliances

Samsung is a company that has been in the electronics industry for decades. They have a variety of appliance products, from fridges and washing machines to hobs and even vacuum cleaners. The reliability of their appliances is generally one of the strongest performers in the UK based on total sales and public feedback.

Samsung appliances are reliable and durable, but they are not perfect. There are some problems with their products such as door handles breaking off or certain parts not being able to withstand high temperatures nearer electrical circuits and air-confined spaces. Their appliances are generally much better performers than their TVs which are renowned for LED failure.

68% of consumers stated they are happy with their Samsung appliances and would recommend them to others. The warranty options available on Samsung appliances are:

  • Fridges, Washing Machines & Washer Dryers
    • 2 years standard
    • 5 years when registered within 90 days
    • 10 years for compressor cover
  • Dishwashers
    • 2 years standard
  • Microwaves
    • 1-year standard
    • 2/3 years when registered within 90 days
  • Ovens
    • 2 years standard
    • 5 years when registered within 90 days on specific models
  • Hobs
    • 2 years standard
    • 5 years when registered within 90 days
  • Cooker Hoods
    • 1-year standard
    • 5 years when registered within 90 days
  • Vacuum Cleaners
    • 2 years standard
Samsung logo

Whirlpool Appliances

Whirlpool is an American company with the majority of its sales attribution being in the US. However, the brand is becoming quite popular in the UK market and for good reason. Whirlpool often comes out on top when it comes to customer satisfaction reports in the US ranging from product reliability ratings, customer service calls and engineer call-out times.

Reports of UK satisfactory scores are almost identical to the American rating of 70 to 71% of consumers recommend their appliance purchases to others. All the appliances in their catalogue benefit from:

  • 2 years standard warranty
  • 10-year warranty on part failure

Consistency across all product types understandably coaches confidence in its products which is why Whirlpool sits in our Top 6. On the downside, you may agree or disagree but we find Whirlpool appliances a little bit basic in appearance and should you have a modern kitchen they may not complement the overall feel you are looking to achieve. The likes of Samsung and LG have much more stylish features and colour options available.

Whirlpool logo

LG Appliances

LG in recent years has grown in popularity due to competing against South Korean rivals Samsung for being the largest electronics company. Samsung remains number 1 but LG has some of the most stylish and reliable appliances on offer today. The warranty cover is broken down in a similar way to Samsung which is pretty confusing when you compare it to the simplified cover presented by Whirlpool. The warranty options available on LG appliances are:

  • Fridges, Washing Machines & Dryers
    • 2 years standard
    • 5 years when registered within 28 days on selected models
    • 10 years for compressor and motor cover
  • Dishwashers
    • 2 years standard
  • Microwaves& Vacuum Cleaners
    • 1-year standard

The appliance range is quite limited compared to its South Korean competition Samsung and there are quite a lot of terms and conditions thrown into the mix. Commercial use is limited to a 1-year warranty for example across the majority of products. Therefore LG products are certainly aimed more toward the domestic market.

That being said, 73% of people say they would recommend their LG appliance to others and have proven to be very reliable over a 5-year average for most households. Out of all the appliance brands in this list, we personally feel LG has the best designs and would be a top pick if style and appearance are the most important feature when purchasing new.

LG logo

Miele Appliances

The high-end German manufacturer is one of the longest-serving appliance manufacturers on the list. Founded in 1899 the company has a good track record of german reliability and is extremely popular with consumers looking for high-end ovens, especially. Probably to most reliable appliance brand available based on reliability reports but you do pay a pretty premium for the honour.

83% of consumer reports say they would recommend their products to others. Miele directly quotes “Tested to last 20 years” which is quite a bold statement considering their warranty covers for all appliances are:

  • 2 years standard warranty – covers free repairs on all components
  • Up to 10 years of total coverage available upon registration (additional fees apply)
  • Subjective to release – free extended warranty offers up to 8 and 10 years total

Probably to most confusing of the 8 appliance brands to understand what kind of cover you’re entitled to after the initial 2-year period. Miele states it may release free extended warranty periods for specific products but does not clarify online which of its products are applicable.

They do, however, claim to be the only manufacturer to rigorously test all their appliances as if they were used for 20 years. Combined with the free cover regardless of failure type within the first 2 years, the reliability ratings build a strong case as the appliance of choice for longevity.

Miele logo

Hotpoint Appliances

Hotpoint is a British brand that manufactures home appliances. They have been in the market for over 100 years and are well-known for their quality products. The brand is owned by the American brand Whirlpool and they offer an extensive range of appliances for domestic and commercial use.

Similar to Whirlpool appliance further up the list, Hotpoint scores 73% when it comes to consumer recommendations and therefore has a very good balance between affordability and reliability ratings. Similarly to the Whirlpool brand, the designs of some of the cheaper appliance options aren’t as aesthetically pleasing as LG or Samsung, but they certainly do the job well.

The more premium ranges of kitchen appliances have better designs and colour finishes available if your budget allows but overall Hotpoint is a strong contender. The warranty cover is one of the easiest to understand with their policy being:

  • 1-year standard warranty cover
  • 10-year extended warranty upon registration. Terms and conditions are FREE replacement parts on all appliances but fitting must be carried out by Hotpoint engineers paid at the agreed hourly rate.

We are fans of their straight talk to warranty but the hourly rates differ across the country based on consumer reports. It’s to be expected to pay around £65-£80 (average) per hour as a rough guide so things could get pretty expensive if the repair is significant.

Hotpoint logo

Bosch Appliances

The Bosch brand is a German company that manufactures many appliances and is seen as a good compromise for price and quality. They have been in the business of making home appliances for over 90 years but are primarily known for automotive and tooling components. Their products are considered very reliable with simple designs and usability-focused interfaces at the heart of the consumer appeal factor.

78% of consumers would recommend Bosch appliances to others which is why they make the shortlist of the elite 6. Their warranty cover is straightforward to understand but isn’t the most supportive or cost-efficient service on the list compared to some of the others. The options for Bosch warranty are:

  • 2-year standard warranty but the appliance must be registered via their website
  • 5-year warranty options at additional fees: Washing machines £89 | Dryers £79 | Dishwashers £89 | Cooking appliances £79 (including cooker hoods)

Again, a simple breakdown of the cover is displayed on the website so it coaches confidence in their target audience of what to expect. The reliability ratings are quite strong so the chances you would need to claim are quite slim based on a 5-year average of consumer feedback.

Bosch is a strong contender in the appliance market and should be considered when narrowing down your selection before committing to purchase.

Bosch logo

Energy Rating Changes to Appliances in 2021

In March 2021 the Energy Rating Labels changed due to the old rating systems of A+++ to D needing to be revised as consumers found it difficult to determine which products were more energy efficient. Over 90% of new appliances on the market fell into the A+++ category despite being significantly different in kWh (kilowatt hour) consumption.

The new ratings are simplified from A to G to allow new and improved appliances to fall into the higher A or B category. For example, a previous A+++ appliance would now fall into a category rating C.

It’s worth extensively comparing these ratings when choosing your appliances as the initial cost doesn’t reflect the overall lifespan expectancy costs. You should consider your general usage and annual energy bill averages.

The good news is most new appliances fall into the top 3 energy ratings when it comes to cookers, washing machines and even tumble dryers. The one to look out for is Fridges as they are the second highest offender when it comes to energy consumption after central heating systems. Even the latest technology is only good enough for a rating of E or F, typically.

Other Appliance Brands That Didn’t Make The Top 6

There may be a couple of brands you’d expect to see in this list but quite frankly other comparisons which cover the top 20 or even the top 10 aren’t really doing you any favours shortlisting your options, let’s be honest!

Some of the worst brands for reliability reported by consumers are:

  • AEG – with a hefty price tag and numerous reports of poor customer service support when components fail, you’d expect more from them. 78% of people rated AEG 1 star on Trustpilot
  • Kenwood – in recent years Kenwood have been overwhelmed with oven and fridge failures in particular. Not something you want to hear from a well-known brand
  • Smeg – the Italian brand is known for its unique retro designs and very hefty price tags. They are generally ‘ok’ in terms of how they perform but in terms of materials exposed to heat they often fail prematurely and look considerably worn or used in a short period of time
  • Electrolux – the Swedish company have one of the worst reputations for customer service and reliability. The brand actually owns AEG which isn’t a good sign considering two of their brands are heavily criticised


It’s not uncommon for consumers to get roped into flashy brands and leading retailers promoting deals and clearance offers to entice you into a sale. Take your time and do your own research. Regardless of brand reputation, all products will fail at some stage as that’s what appliance brands want so you keep coming back, it’s a fact.

But choosing one of the Top 6 brands may increase your chances of enjoying your appliance for longer reducing the need to waste time and money unnecessarily on repairs and grief. You may find this article about Appliance Finance useful if you are looking to spread the costs on your next purchase.

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