X Rocker Racing Rig Stand

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X Rocker

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So, you want a virtual driving experience so realistic that you can almost smell the burning rubber and feel the road rage? Well, you need this X Rocker Racing Rig! This rig is specially designed to suit major racing wheel and pedal sets. It has a wheel platform that has been pre-drilled to fit the Logitech G25, G27, G29, and 290 and the Thrustmaster T300RS, TX F458, and T500RS. Also, it’ll fit most clamp steering wheels. The floor of this rig is adjustable to suit your preferred driving position and also features pre-drilled holes, so you can attach your pedal rig to keeping from sliding harder than a supped-up drift racer! With adjustable height on the wheel mount and non-slip feet on its base, this racing rig is excellent for all sorts of environments and suits most seats. Use it with any one of our gaming chairs ! It’s time to get a grip. Order this X Rocker Racing Rig today! Please note: This racing rig does not include the wheel, pedals, gearstick, or chair.