X Rocker Panther Gaming Desk

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X Rocker

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So, you think desks are just for working, and are about as exciting as a 10-hour video tutorial on dish-washing techniques? Well, X Rocker disagrees, thank goodness! And, because of that, they’ve released a gaming desk that’s as exciting as the climax of a Call of Duty level. It’s called the X Rocker Panther, and it’ll change your world. You’re not a government spy, so you’ve got no use for wires. So, then, why are they draped all over your desk? Oh, wait, with the X Rocker Panther, they aren’t! That’s because the Panther gaming desk has a cable gutter for the wires of your mouse and keyboard, and even has cable management on the back of the desk, letting you keep things as tidy as the plot of Assassin’s Creed: Brotherhood . So, for a desk that’ll bring some much-needed energy to your office, or take your gaming to the next level, order this X Rocker Panther Desk today!