X Rocker Lynx Gaming Desk Version 2

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X Rocker

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What’s the ultimate gaming platform? Well, it’s the platform you can trust to support all your gear… and look great doing it! We’re talking about the ultimate in gaming desks – the X Rocker Lynx gaming desk! In a black and silver colour scheme, with Neo Motion colour-changing LED inlays in the legs and edges, this desk definitely looks the part of a high-tech gaming surface. But, it doesn’t just rely on its looks to wow you. Made of quality wood with a carbon fibre finish, supported by durable aluminium legs, this desk gives you a solid surface for your PC and consoles. And, so you don’t push all your gear off the edges in the heat of the moment, it has heavy-duty lips on its corners… not to mention the perfect edge to attach your gaming wheel to! This gaming desk also keeps things tidy (which is great for the rare occasion you let the vacuum cleaner near your sacred game spot) with 2 cable tidies to keep all the unsightly bits hidden away! And, it includes a headset hook and cup holder so you don’t leave any rings… except the ones you run around your online competitors. So, if you want to win the age-old argument of the platforms, tell your friends you’ve got the only platform that counts ‘ the X Rocker Lynx gaming desk! Order yours today!