X Rocker Jaguar Z-Frame LED Gaming Desk


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When you talk about a gaming platform, you mean a gaming platform. One that can support major gaming and has more grip than a Gran Turismo supercar. A few LED lights wouldn’t hurt, either, right? Well, then the X Rocker Jaguar LED Gaming Desk is the one you need! This dedicated gaming desk has a strong Z-shaped frame made from sturdy aluminium, giving you more support than a Call of Duty squad. It has a carbon fibre melamine surface that wipes clean easily. And, speaking of clean, you can keep your cables neat and tidy with the z-desk’s two cable management holes. We mentioned lights, right? Well, that’s because this gaming desk has LED lights around its edges, delivering a mood-lit gaming area that has more atmosphere than Bioshock. The Neo Motion RGB lights move in programmed patterns, and even react to the sound from your game! So, if you’re ready for a new level of gaming, make that level the X Rocker Jaguar Gaming Desk. Order yours now!