X Rocker Jaguar Z-Frame LED Gaming Desk – Version 1

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X Rocker

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When you talk about a gaming platform, you mean a gaming platform . One that can support major gaming and has more grip than a Gran Turismo supercar. A few LED lights wouldn’t hurt, either, right? Well, then the X Rocker Jaguar LED Gaming Desk is the one you need! This dedicated gaming desk has a strong Z-shaped frame made from sturdy aluminium, giving you more support than a Call of Duty squad. It has a carbon fibre melamine surface that wipes clean easily. And, speaking of clean, you can keep your cables neat and tidy with the z-desk’s two cable management holes. We mentioned lights, right? Well, that’s because this gaming desk has LED lights around its edges, delivering a mood-lit gaming area that has more atmosphere than Bioshock . The Neo Motion RGB lights move in programmed patterns, and even react to the sound from your game! So, if you’re ready for a new level of gaming, make that level the X Rocker Jaguar Gaming Desk. Order yours now!