X Rocker Infiniti 2.1 PlayStation Gaming Chair

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X Rocker

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Whether you consider yourself a seasoned gamer or a button basher we’ve all been guilty of ‘just one more game’ syndrome. So if you are fond of a gaming session or two you’ll know it always helps to have a comfy spot to sit in! With the X-Rocker Infiniti chair, not only do you have unparalleled comfort and support, but you also have amazing in-game sound immersion! That’s because this ultimate gaming accessory features a 2.1 audio system in the headrest and a booming subwoofer in the seat of the chair. With the Infiniti you’ll hear and feel that killer combo or the rev of an engine through the seat of your pants…literally! As well as feeling the sound, vibration motors in the seat feedback every punch, kick, zap, or bump, giving you a gaming experience like never before. You can even adjust the bass and vibration independently using the in-built control panel if it all gets a bit too much (noob!). With its officially licensed Sony PlayStation detailing it’s the perfect add-on for your PS3, PS4 or PlayStation Vita. Set up is easy and you can connect to your PlayStation via WiFi or Bluetooth. Either way you aren’t tethered to the PlayStation so you can position the gaming chair to wherever you want for the optimal viewing angle. Decked out in a vibrant blue and black faux-leather combo the X-Rocker Infiniti provides superior style and comfort, plus the adjustable seat height makes it perfect for any gamer looking to level up.