X Rocker G-Force 2.1 Audio Gaming Chair


X Rocker

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Prepare to sit in the driver’s seat for the gaming experience of your life, with this incredible X Rocker G-Force chair, built to turn the gaming experience from a fun evening on the settee to a rip-roaring rollercoaster of shoot-em-ups, hack-n-slashing and level grinding til you’re blue in the face – in short, the perfect gaming experience. The G-Force chair is modelled to resemble a racing-car seat, and leaning back in it gives you a sense of action and adrenaline. It features a headrest-mounted 2.1 audio system, which works in tandem with the backrest-mounted subwoofer, creating an immersive sound experience that really sinks you into the world of the game. The G-Force is compatible with a wide variety of gaming consoles, making it easy to connect up your gaming machine of choice – even handheld consoles like the PD Vita or 3DS. It’s even compatible with the very latest consoles, the PS4 and the Xbox One, through analogue audio outputs on your TV or headphone socket (though an additional digital-to-analogue converter may be necessary if your TV doesn’t have the required outputs). With a sleek black faux-leather finish augmented with mesh material, and padded armrests adding to the effect, this is a comfortable piece of kit that transforms your experience, making it transcend the normal gaming evening and become the stuff of legends.