X Rocker Deluxe 4.1 Chenille Gaming Chair – Black

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X Rocker

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X Rocker Deluxe Gaming Chair: What is it? It’s a super-comfortable pedestal chair that’s designed just for gaming! What sets it apart? Oh, just the ergonomic design, luxury material, and the fact that it has built-in sound and vibration! About the product This chair has 4.1 sound built into the back, headrest, and seat. That’s 4 speakers and 1 subwoofer that give you amazing surround sound while you’re gaming or watching movies. And, if that’s not enough, it has tri-motor vibration… that makes the experience feel as immersive as a VR RPG! It connects to your PS4, Xbox One, or TV using a wireless/Bluetooth connection. But, it also allows for a wired connection if your console isn’t supported. Its luxury chenille fabric is wrapped over fireproof cushioning, which extends onto the armrests. And, if you want to get your elbows out while you’re battling online enemies or warding off your friends who’re fighting for a turn, just flip the armrests up to get them out of the way. How is it powered? It’s powered by the mains. But, don’t worry, it comes with the adaptor and power cable. Why you should buy it Gamers need supreme comfort, unrivalled immersion, and a steady stream of snacks. This chair takes care of the first two… plus it’s made of wipe-clean fabric if the snacking gets out of control. Order this X Rocker Deluxe 4.1 Chenille Gaming Chair now!