The A500 Mini – Amiga 500 Games Console


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We’re quite happy for the ‘80s to keep fax machines and inappropriate sitcom jokes. But, some things, we still want. The A500 computer is definitely one of those things. And, hey, it’s back as the A500 Mini! It may be smaller, but it packs more punch. That’s because this version has 720p HDMI plus the ability to save and load your progress, helping you get further in those tricky games than you ever have before. And, speaking of games, A500 Mini comes loaded with 25 iconic games like Alien Breed, Worms, Speedball 2, Another World, California Games, and much more. Plus, it has a USB slot, so you can download and load up any old game you want. And, you get a retro mouse and gamepad to help you conquer them! This retro console is great fun for nostalgic gamers and young gamers loving the retro revival. So, if you’re shopping for one of those (or you are one), don’t miss out on the A500 Mini!