Star Trek Collector’s Advent Calendar

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Star Trek

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Captain’s Yule Log. Stardate, this Christmas. We are about to embark on a 24-day voyage of discovery. And, it’s all thanks to this Star Trek Collector’s Advent Calendar! Officially licensed Star Trek merchandise, this advent calendar is modelled to look like the Borg Cube. Inside it you’ll find 24 awesome collectibles. We’re talking coasters that look like console screens, Enterprise-D socks, and even a mug that marks the first human warp flight… which was the year 2063, in case your memory is as cloudy as a nebula. You also get a festive note with each gift, detailing the trivia or story behind it. And, each gift comes wrapped in branded tissue paper. So, for an out of this world experience this Christmas, beam up this Star Trek Collector’s Advent Calendar now!