Space Invaders Classic Game Quarter Size Arcade Machine

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Space Invaders

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There are few arcade games as iconic as Space Invaders to the 8-bit digital golden age of video gaming. Here, you can own a replicated piece of history with this fully playable quarter size cabinet that uses the original arcade ROM (programming). Including the arcade original mirror screen with “Pepper’s ghost effect”, this is a truly authentic and realistic replica with everything from the artwork, the shape and buttons to match the original – just one quarter the size. Like the original, this cabinet is made for durability and playability but unlike the original, this replica includes an internal rechargeable lithium battery meaning that you can move the machine to wherever you want! To sweeten the deal and for a limited time only, every order comes with an exclusive collectors coin! So, if you know someone who loves Space Invaders or retro gaming, or that is you, why not order the Space Invaders Classic Game Quarter Size Arcade Machine today!