Skyflash Racing Drone Set with FPV Goggles

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If you’ve ever been derisively told that your head is in the clouds by some stuffy authority figure? Well, that’s not a bad thing. And, you now have the opportunity to do that virtually. With the FTX Skyflash Racing Drone, you can lift-off and zip your way through the skies with your VR glasses to help guide you! Not only does the Skyflash give you the capability to link your smartphone and VR Glasses to the drone, but it also comes with incredible features like 6-axis gyro stabilization, one-key return, a built-in camera, adjustable speed modes, and LED lighting for direction and positioning. You can even control the drone with your smartphone instead of the transmitter! Ready to start soaring around like a proper drone racing pilot? Great! This set includes everything you need. Inside it you’ll find a landing pad, race track hoop, and a race track marker. Sometimes you just need the opportunity to be free of the fetters of gravity and just spread your wings – or in this case, your four blades. Use this to explore the wilderness, your neighbourhood or just see life from a different perspective. So don’t wait! Order your FTX Skyflash Racing Drone Set today and explore the skies!