Shiatsu Cushion Seat Topper with 4-Node Massage by Sharper Image

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So, you get home after a long day with your muscles feeling more knotted than the headphone cable at the bottom of your laptop bag. You wish you had a personal massage therapist to work the tension out. Then you remember, you’ve got this Shiatsu Cushion Seat Topper with 4-Node Massage! This massage cushion fits on most chairs, so you can get massaged while sitting comfortably. It has four silicone nodes delivering a kneading massage with optional heat and a vibration equipped seat. And, you can control it all with the included remote control.   This massage chair topper is a great way to relax and unwind. So, if you’re looking for some of that, or you know someone who really needs it, order this Sharper Image Shiatsu Cushion Seat Topper now!