RED5 Hoverboard Pro



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Forget high rollers, you’ll be a hover roller when you’re gliding around on this RED5 Hoverboard Pro! Yeah, that’s how you roll. This high-quality hoverboard has chrome detailed wheels with durable rubber tyres, meaning that it sticks to the road better than a learner driver. And, so it sticks to your feet almost as well as chewing gum on a hot pavement, it has a rubberised non-slip surface. Oh, and so that you’re as visible as possible, it has LED front lights! This baby does a breath-catching (is that a thing?) 9 km/h, powered by its two 250 W, 24 V motor. It runs off a built-in rechargeable battery and can travel up to 5.5 miles on a single charge. What’s the charging time? It’s an impressively short 2-3 hours! So, if you want to hover better than a shy person trying to get someone’s attention, order this RED5 Hoverboard Pro now!