RED5 Hawk Folding Drone with GPS

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Sometimes you need that perfect shot with the camera – maybe you’re at a wedding and want to see the grounds, maybe you’re on vacation and want a vista of the beach. Or, sometimes, you just want to fly like a bird… you know what we’re hawking about. Ahem, moving on. Either way, you need this RED5 Hawk GPS Folding Drone! Packed with amazing features, this drone is certain to satisfy drone pilots of all experience levels. It has altitude hold, keeping it super-stable, as well as critical return, which brings it back to you when it’s low on battery. You can plan its routes or even use its clever camera to photograph you when it sees certain gestures. It can even lock onto you and follow you around! Speaking of its camera, it has a fantastic one built-in, which you can use to take videos and photos. And, you can even have it stream video to your iOS or Android phone, giving you first-person view. Oh, and its GPS allows it to circle around a specified point, allowing you to capture amazing footage. With this drone, you don’t have to worry about keeping it open all the time – you can literally fold it up into a neat little box when you’re not using it and put it away. The Hawk comes with 150 metres in control distance, and impressive 17 minutes flying time, and a decent charging time of 110 minutes. So if you’re keen to take incredible pictures, stunning video shots or just want a cool little thing to fly around on hikes, beach trips, holidays, or days in the park, order this RED5 Hawk Drone now!