Realistic Jellyfish Light

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Jellyfish are truly beautiful creatures, even if they’re technically not ‘fish’, whose bio-luminescence makes the ocean a prettier place (albeit deadlier, too). For those of you who’ve always wanted an aquarium of Jellyfish in your house, but didn’t quite fancy the responsibility of a real pet, this Realistic Jellyfish Light might be just the ticket as they won’t die if you forget to feed them. For a kickoff – it comes with five beautiful replica Jellyfish that are almost indistinguishable from the real thing when they float in the tank, each one in various sizes. To get them into the lamp takes very little effort: first, you have to fill the aquarium with water, then you put the Jellyfish in, and then you sit back and enjoy the show. The light can switch through five different colours – yellow, red, blue, green and violet – meaning that you can select whatever mood you want, and the light auto-switches off after four hours, ensuring longevity for your lamp. For mood lighting with a difference, this lamp is hard to beat.