Pokemon Deluxe Die-Cast Great Poke Ball Replica

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Experience the sheer joy of this premium-quality great style Poké Ball that is an electronic collectible replica that brings the magic of Pokémon right to your fingertips. Made with precision-engineered metals this deluxe collectable replica has a premium painted finish with rich, vibrant colours, true to the series. Opening the case raises the pall up slightly, revealing a glowing light under the Poké Ball adding to the beauty of this piece and, touching the case’s metal plaque will change the colour of the light. Out of the box, there is a highly polished ring that you can place onto flat surfaces so that the Poké Ball can sit out of the box without moving. Equipped with proximity-sensing technology the Poké Ball opening button glows when it senses motion nearby and pressing the button itself changes the light colour and starts a Pokémon-catching illumination sequence. Officially licensed this Poké ball comes with a unique collectors number letting you know that you truly have an exceptional piece of licensed merchandise. If you like Pokémon merchandise, or knows someone who does, why not order this Poké ball today?