Numskull Multi Format Steering Wheel and Pedals

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Do you need to really feel the rubber on the road when you’re playing a racing game on PC, PlayStation or Xbox? A game controller can only take you so far when you want to immerse yourself in the fantasy of actually owning a Ferrari and driving around recklessly – so try out our Numskull Steering Wheel and Pedals. With this two-for-one pack, you get a realistic steering wheel with an authentic grip with all of the necessary controls for the rest of your game as well as a pedal pad for braking and acceleration. A hand-held controller can’t simulate all of the instincts you get when actually driving, but this can. So get it for yourself if you need that extra bit of realism or get it for your friend who is constantly complaining that games aren’t realistic enough for them. What are you waiting for? Put the pedal to the metaphorical metal and drive away with one of these today!