Mr Creations Ice Cream Machine



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So, you can hear the ice cream van. But, it seems to exist in some other dimension that’s only accessible by those missing socks that you swear you put in the washing machine. No problem, you can just make your own soft scoop ice cream at home with this Mr Creations Ice Cream Machine! It’s designed to make the soft ice cream you get at the beach. But at home! And, it’s easy to do, too. Just use some Mr Creations ice cream powder (which is vegan-friendly!). You can then follow one of the 7 recipes that come with the machine to make it amazing. This machine takes about 30 minutes to make a hefty 350 ml batch of delicious ice cream. You can serve it into bowls or cones and top it however you like. Delicious. So, don’t run around the neighbourhood looking for a van that’s clearly driving faster than Lewis Hamilton. Instead, order this Mr Creations Ice Cream Station and have soft ice cream whenever you like!