Jumanji Collectors’ Board Game

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Jumanji Board Game Replica: What is it? Do you hear drums? It’s a perfect replica of the board game that swallowed Alan Parrish faster than a hungry crocodile in the original Jumanji!   About the product This officially licensed Jumanji board game has detail that’s sharper than ‘90s CGI. It’s just like the movie game, from the pieces down to the portal in the centre of the board. But, it’s not just a collectable replica. It’s a working game! It comes with game tokens, cards, and instructions on how to play. But, don’t worry, the only things that’ll chase you down the street are your jealous friends wanting to get their hands on this game.   Why you should buy it Ever since you first saw Jumanji, you’ve wanted it. You’ve listened out for drums and followed the rumours. Now you’ve found it. Order your Jumanji Collectors’ Board Game Replica now… if you dare!